How much insurance
do I need?

By answering a few simple questions, this useful coverage estimator
will provide you with an idea of how much life insurance you need.

Quick Help

Once you complete the SBLI Life Insurance Coverage Estimator, you can either print or save the results for your records or send your results directly to one of our life insurance experts, with whom you can discuss a more personalized plan. None of your information will ever be shared with a third party. Any conversations with an SBLI representative will be confidential.

Please Note: The SBLI Life Insurance Coverage Estimator is intended to assist you in approximating the amount of life insurance coverage you need. It is not a final determination of your coverage amount. The actual amount of life insurance needed to meet the financial needs of your estate or family may be different. SBLI does not guarantee that this figure will meet the financial needs of your estate or family. We encourage you to speak with one of our life insurance experts in order to select the appropriate amount of coverage. Higher coverage amounts may be selected at any time and may result in higher premiums.

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